It just doesn’t


It just doesn’t

It’s confusing when people who do not know me say they miss the old me. You know me merely through the lyrics I write and the pictures I’ve been in. There is no old or new Hayley. There is however an older Hayley. I’m 25 now. Good on me for living through all these years with a million people’s judging eyes all over me and thinking they know me better.


I think David Guetta’s feeling it…….

I literally can’t stop laughing at this 


guess who has two thumbs and got his license? cant point to myself and say this guy because you always gotta keep your hands on the wheel. that’s a tip for you newbies out there 


Mini paintings on cedar by Cathy McMurray on Etsy


james franco look like one of those sweaty stoners that shows up to class late every day and is like “you got another pencil i can use bruh” and he never gives them back what does he do with all those pencils